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Paypal Sorry we can’t log you in problem fixed

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2018)

The “Sorry we can’t log you in” problem is a very annoying error every Paypal user must encounter in their lifetime on the platform.

The error sometimes is as a result of logging in from unknown or new devices. Paypal security takes note of your IP addresses, location as well as the device you usually login with.

I have gotten the error several times and I am going to be sharing with you today, how I was able to fix this annoying Paypal error whenever it shows its ugly face.

Please Note!

I’m not a Paypal Staff but this post is meant to show you the solution that has always worked for me after many times of speaking with Paypal Customer care, sending messages and following all their various ideas.

Paypal Sorry we can't log you in error fixed

To be at as a safer side

It is strongly recommended that you only login with devices that is familiar with your Paypal in order to avoid their security alert. Their login error would definitely inconvenience you.

You should also login to your Paypal account within the location their systems are aware of.

Are these safety tips enough?

No! Based on experience, I wouldn’t say all of the aforementioned safety tips are enough, you know why?

Here is it – I once had a Paypal account that was strictly for my Business. I only login¬† to this account from my DELL Laptop using the same network but I still got the “Paypal Sorry we can’t log you in” error.

Each time I clear my Browsing History after a successful login to my Paypal, the next login gets frustrated with the Paypal login error.

Does it mean you should not clear Browser history because of your Paypal account? Well, the answer to that is up to you.

My Verdict

Paypal has some bad ass security bots that simply act independently. All the same, let’s move to the solution.

Paypal Sorry we can’t log you in error – Ultimate solution

Whenever you have the error while trying to login, just do the following;

  1. Close the browser you are using without clearing cookies
  2. Open a new Browser on the same device, clear the cookies first then logon to Paypal site and try to login again
  3. If the login wasn’t successful the first time, you can try again on same Browser like 3 more times or do it over again

What if it doesn’t Work?

If the error still persists after following the steps above, you may try it allover again but this time you will delete cookies in both Browsers.

That is

In the first step, where I asked you not to delete cookies, simply delete this time around then complete the remaining steps.

This method has worked for me and OTHERS that I have shared it with, let me know if it worked for you too.


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