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How to erase iPhone data before giving it out

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

With new iPhones released, you might be thinking of donating or giving out your present iPhone, however, you might want to slow down a little and follow our simple tips on securing your iPhone data before letting go of it.

Erase your iPhone data before a sale

This is the most important thing to be done before you attempt to dispose of your current iPhone but you will need to create a backup. Afterall, Changing to a new iPhone doesn’t mean you should say Goodbye to all your settings and apps data. In fact, creating a backup makes the switch a lot easier since you will only need to restore the backup on your new iPhone device.

However, before you wipe off the iPhone data, let’s take you through the steps involved in creating a Backup. If you are using an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus, you can easily do an iPhone 8 reset here

1. Create a Back up of your iPhone data

This process depends on the iOS version of your iPhone; If you are using older versions of iPhone, you may be limited in terms of the backup options available to you.

Basically, lower versions of iPhones do not allow the backup to iCloud service while the newer versions have this option. Therefore, you can either create a back up to your PC via iTunes or backup to iCloud as the case may be. Third-party applications like the Acronis True image also offers similar service.

If your iPhone does not have access to the iCloud service, here’s how to create a back up to your PC using iTunes.

iPhone Backup using iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC using a suitable cable
  2. Launch the iTunes app on your PC and select your device at the top-left of your screen.
  3. Click “Back up to this Computer checkbox” at the left side of your screen

How about your Purchased Items

If you’ve got some purchased items on your iPhone that is yet to be synced to your PC, you should right-click on your iPhone device on the iTunes screen and select “Transfer purchases” to include it in your iPhone Backup.

iPhone Backup using iCloud

Hey, Before you begin this process, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network. If you’ve got that in check, let’s go ahead with the steps:


  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings, select iCloudiphone data backup.
  2. In the next screen, select iCloud backup and ensure the iCloud backup is turned ON.
  3. Select BackUp now and wait for the upload to complete.

Having completed the steps above, let us now carry out the final step which is to wipe off the phone.

2. Erase your iPhone Data and Settings

Since you plan to sell or give out the phone, I am sure you don’t want to allow the next user access to your personal info, therefore we will need to erase the iPhone completely.

The following steps will guide you:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Select “General settings” on the Menu
  • Select the “Reset” menu item
  • Choose the “Erase all content and Settings” in the options
  • The deletion will begin automatically.

Depending on the volume of data to be deleted, this operation may take between several minutes to hours so it is advisable to have a good percentage of charge on your battery.

Wait that’s not all

This is for the sake of some apps that required authentication via hardware ID.

If you use iPhone apps that might have authenticated using your hardware ID, you will need to go to the app’s site to unlink your phone so that the new owner of the phone won’t get access to your details on those apps.

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