Mobile Phone photography tips for Beginners -Video

Mobile Phone Photography

Mobile phone photography doesn’t have to be so difficult especially after going through this tutorial. The smartphone photography tips shown in this video include the use of Panorama shots and other objects in the environment to create amazing effects that will WOW! you. Mobile phone Photography tips to be learned …

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Paypal Sorry we can’t log you in problem fixed

Sorry we can't log you in error fixed

The “Sorry we can’t log you in” problem is a very annoying error every Paypal user must encounter in their lifetime on the platform. The error sometimes is as a result of logging in from unknown or new devices. Paypal security takes note of your IP addresses, location as well …

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Best iPhone 8+ Tips and Tricks – Complete Guide

iphone 8 tips

Do you have the iPhone 8 and you are wondering if there are some tips and tricks out there to enhance your iPhone experience? well, look no further – this article will familiarise you with the best iPhone 8 tips and tricks. WARNING: Regular use of this tips and tricks …

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How to erase iPhone data before giving it out

iphone data backup

With new iPhones released, you might be thinking of donating or giving out your present iPhone, however, you might want to slow down a little and follow our simple tips on securing your iPhone data before letting go of it. Erase your iPhone data before a sale This is the …

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